The Mission

mother and newborn, Mali

The central mission of the CRGGH is to advance research into the roles of culture, lifestyle, genetics, and genomics in disease etiology, differential susceptibility to disease, and variable drug response at the individual and population levels.

In service of its mission, the Center has the following primary objectives:

  1. Develop genomic resources for the conduct of primary research into the etiology of metabolic disorders and to provide scientists access to these resources.

  2. Develop genetic epidemiology and population genetics approaches that will facilitate the analysis of data generated in Africans and other populations.

  3. Investigate how knowledge and understanding of the roles that socio-cultural and genomic factors play in health disparities can be translated into policies to reduce or eliminate these inequalities in the United States and globally.

  4. Use epidemiology and genomic tools to provide insight into neglected tropical diseases.

  5. Develop a comprehensive training program on the use of genomic approaches to study human health and to reduce/eliminate health disparities, with particular attention given to the inclusion of scholars from underrepresented populations.

Last Updated: February 4, 2015