Research Projects

  1. Genomics of Cardiometabolic Disorders
    1. Hypertension
      • Blood Pressure Meta-Analysis
    2. Diabetes
      • Genetic Epidemiology of T2D in Africans, African Americans, and Chinese
      • Gene Expression in Morbidly Obese African Americans
    3. Obesity and Inflammation
      • Genetic Epidemiology of BMI in Africans and Chinese
      • Genetic Epidemiology of Adipocytokines in Africans and African Americans
      • Molecular Characterization of Metabolically Healthy Obese African Americans
    4. Dyslipidemia
      • Genetic Epidemiology of Serum Lipids among African Ancestry Populations
      • Implications of Interethnic Variation in Serum Lipids in Screening for Metabolic Disorders
      • Ethnicity-Specific Genetic Effects in African Americans
      • Interaction of Genetics and Lifestyle on Serum Lipids
    5. Kidney Disease
      • Role of APOL1 in the Association between HDL Cholesterol and Kidney Function
      • Role of APOL1 in Susceptibility to Diabetes and Diabetic Nephropathy
      • Genetic Epidemiology of Chronic Kidney Disease in Chinese
    6. Other Cardiometabolic Traits
      • Genetic Epidemiology of Metabolic Syndrome in Africans and African Americans
      • Genetic Epidemiology of Uric Acid in African Americans
      • Genomic Epidemiology and Epigenetics of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in Populations of African Ancestry
      • Genomics of Complex Disease in Childhood

  2. Neglected Tropical Diseases
    • Genetics and Pathogenesis of Podoconiosis

  3. Population Genetics and Pharmacogenomics
    • African Genome Variation Project
    • Global Ancestry
    • Natural Selection in African Populations
    • Genetics of Variants with Clinical or Pharmacogenomic Relevance
    • Phenotypic Variance Explained by Ancestry in Admixed Populations

  4. Methods Development
    • Estimation of FST
    • Joint Ancestry and Association Testing
    • Quality Control of Genotype Data in Admixed Populations
    • Simultaneous Analysis of Common and Rare Variants in Complex Traits

  5. Genomics and Society
    • Human Heredity and Health in Africa
    • Informed Consent
    • Incidental Findings and Return of Results
    • Research Capacity
    • Ancestry, Genomic Medicine, and Health Disparities


Last Updated: February 18, 2015